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Meat and Products

Meat At Welshy's select the finest grass fed beef available from the Riverina area in Southern NSW.  We hang our meat to age it, we slice it as we need to keep it as fresh as possible for you.  We have all the traditional cuts, plus offer the avilability to provide you with anything you may see on the many cooking shows that are now on TV.
We offer an enormous range of valued added lines, so when you're busy and haven't got time to prepare a home cooked meal, we have done it for you, everything from a simple schnitzel to a stir-fry, meatballs, you name it and we do it.
Meat At Welshy's process all our sausages on site, that's how we guarantee quality every single time.  We have traditional beef sausages plus some ten varieties of flavours, all made "Gluten Free"
Lamb and Pork is also purchased from the best farms in NSW and Victoria.  All delivered to us in carcase form not Cryoues, so that means consistently fresh meat every time.